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Project Description

 Autotek has been in the business of showing off at shows and competitions for more than 30 years.

In the early 80’s, Autotek was founded by automotive trendsetters with a demand for real audio in their cars, trucks and garage built projects. From an ancient Dolby B auto-reverse cassette head unit in 1977, to today’s iGadgets and pocket Droids, Autotek delivers solid musical bass, powerful efficient amplifiers and speakers with such realistic sound that you will swear you have a drummer in the trunk. We love our cars and our music, and we love showing off as much as you do!

Autotek joined the Maxxsonics family in 2004 an during its 30+ years as a leader in mobile audio systems Autotek has become one of the most respected brand names in the business with unique amplifier designs and innovative low-profile, multi-axial component speaker designs. The success of Autotek is evident through the brand loyalty it enjoys from its enthusiastic customer base and growing network of world class project vehicles; from Tuners and Hot Rods, to Donks, Bombers, and Restos! While our tastes in music are as varied as our tastes in rides, when it comes to being out with our “show-off” friends we all want to…

Products: Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Speakers, Cable Kits, Capacitors.

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