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Project Description

Crunch has created pounding sound in the mobile audio industry for nearly 35 years.

Crunch Car Audio, part of the Maxxsonics family since 2001, offers a wide variety of products ranging in features, price and power to fit any system design.

There are those who tolerate crappy music in elevators and then there are those of us who understand The Power of Music. Crunch has been taking music out of CD players, MP3 players and car audio systems and giving it life for decades. More than life, it has been giving great music breath… a voice. That life-giving breath has become the philosophy of Crunch, satisfying that urge we have, not to just tolerate music piped through elevators or over streamed media channels at our lifeless jobs.. but real excitement! Real power! Crunch is that spirit in our heads that can only be satisfied with our music. Everything else is an interruption!

Crunch is perfect for any system that demands great sound and every person that cannot get that song out of their head. That is…The Power of Music!

Products: Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Speakers, Cable Kits, Capacitors.

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