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Project Description

POWER FROM THE GODS for the mortals of Earth!
It is difficult to fathom that mere mortals can possess car audio products at this level! When you crank up a Hifonics system you may feel as if you have climbed Mt. Olympus and stolen the lightning from the father of the gods himself, Zeus.

Hifonics has been setting the pace in the audio competition lanes since car audio competitions started! Whether you build a clear sound quality system that puts you in the mind of Aphrodite or an SPL system with the power of Thor’s hammer – Hifonics will deliver.

Hifonics Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Speakers, and Signal Processors are forged for battle! This is why the slogan “Power From The Gods” is so noteworthy. The details in each product simply cannot be overlooked. Hifonics amplifiers offer Super A/B Class™ technology for sound quality solutions, while offering Ultra D-Class™ on Mt. Olympus mono amplifiers, NGSD Next Generation Super D-Class® on Brutus Elite and Brutus BRX as well as Super D-Class on Zeus.

The technology in Hifonics subwoofers feature huge motor assemblies, multicoated aluminum formers with flat wound high temperature voice coils that show Hifonics woofers are meant to sound incredible while handling all the power you can put to them.

Atlas speakers are designed to put smooth sound quality into your system while handling great power. A silk dome tweeter and molded woven fiber polypropylene cone provide great sound quality and reliability. The addition of a 12dB crossover on the components will give you a superior sound that will filter out the undesirable frequencies.

Hifonics also offers a full line of Mobile PRO speakers for those installations that require large and loud speaker solutions! The Triton line of speakers are available individually for designing systems that have the ability to not only fill the car with sound, but the park, the marina or the outdoor BBQ.

When it is time for fine tuning adjustments to crossover frequencies and equalization, look no further than the line of Hifonics signal processors. These units can be mounted in the dash, under the seat or in your trunk. With Hifonics, you have the POWER FROM THE GODS in music, power, applications and control!

Products: Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Speakers, Cable Kits, Capacitors.

Official web page: http://audiodesign.de/hifonics/index.htm